Let TurboNet Services design and manage your web site! We make it easy for you to have a professional internet presence. TurboNet Services is dedicated to providing a less expensive alternative to U.S. based web site design companies. Because of our low overhead we can build your web site for a fraction of the cost!

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Questions and Answers...

Why should I pay someone to make me a web site? Can't I just do it myself using one of the free online services I've seen?

Yes you can, if you have the time... Designing your own web site can be fun and rewarding, but it takes time and experience. There are also many things to consider and many pitfalls to be avoided along the way.

Like what?

Things like: Should I have variable width pages or fixed width pages? Should I use tables or a CSS design? How do I get a domain name and a host? How do I upload my files to the server? How do I get my site listed on search engines so that customers can find me?

How much will it cost?

Generally speaking, most web site designers charge according to what your site will require, so it depends on the complexity of your site. Some of the things that will add to the cost are:

:: The number of pages required.
:: A custom logo.
:: Animated .gif's.
:: The number of images and links on the pages.
:: A CSS design.
:: JavaScript or Flash.
:: Email or login scripts.
:: Domain name, server and email setup.
:: Submission of your site to search engines.

Many web site design companies require you to contact them with your requirements in order to receive a quote, or fill out an on-line form so that they can contact you. We don't think you should have to wait. Visit our prices page, then shop around. Our commitment is to provide you the highest quality service for the best value!